Can't Update Mac OS To 0.11.6

Can’t update to 0.11.6 on my Mac. New version downloads just fine to the Downloads folder, but when I click on the icon, it only opens my previous version. (I missed the last one and I’m updating from 0.11.4. Should that make a difference?)

Usually after a download I double click the icon which attempts to install the new version. Mac OS then opens a window saying the new version violates a security issue. But I can go to Perferences and instruct it to install anyway.

But I don’t get that window, It only opens the old version so HAMRS.

Any suggestions?

I’ve updated 0.11.6 on my Iphone, PC, and Fire Tablet, no problem.

PLEASE make sure you are are dragging the HAMRS icon to your applications folder and not running the app from the Disk Image (.dmg) file. This is could a factor for ‘data loss’ for folks using MacOS. If you just open HAMRS from the disk image, you haven’t actually permanently ‘installed’ the application. You could end up running multiple versions based on their location.

Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 2.48.07 PM


Thanks for your prompt reply. Mine is probably a very basic issue. I am not good with computers, neither Macs nor PCs. I appreciate your patience and your suggestions.

When I download from by clicking on the MAC OS button, I do not get the panel you show. (I had the same problem when 0.11.5 came out, which is why I haven’t upgraded from 0.11.4.)

Instead I get this into my downloads folder…

To review, when I click on the HAMRS.dmg in the Downloads folder, the old version of HAMRS opens–0.11.4

I can drag that file into the application folder to the left side of the page and it looks like this…

But this does not install the file. When I click on the dmg file in the Application Folder, again, it opens the old version of HAMRS–0.11.4

I cannot drag the dmg file into the below it.

I do not get the HAMRS icon and the Applications Folder icon (that you show) to drag it into.

What can I do to bring up the panel you display short of deleting my old version and completely reinstalling HAMRS?

Many thanks to anyone who can halp.

What context menu do you get with you right-click on it? The DMG should mount and show up in your Locations in finder, not launch the app. Super weird. What version of MacOS are you on?

Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 6.50.44 AM

I was on Monterey 12.0.
Just updated to 12.0.1.

I figured it out. I right clicked on the dmg file as you suggested and specified to open with the disk mounter app. That brought up the panel with the HAMRS icon and the App Folder. I was able to drag it inside and then go to Preferences and the Security and specify :“open anyway”. And just like that…

Many thanks Jarrett.

BTW I was using 11.0.6 on my FT yesterday for hunting and had no problems with auto filling the activator’s fields. Have yet to activate myself.

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