Carry Over Between Devices

Any time frame between being able to carry over between devices??

Ballpark? This summer sometime. I’m working on getting more templates added as we speak. I’m also putting together a poll to see if this is what folks want, because it’s a bit involved, and will be a paid service.

Ok :slight_smile: I definitely am. Also, I asked via the link to be a beta tester but I’d like to also ask here if I can be :slight_smile:

I’m also interested in becoming a beta tester, where can I find the link for that? also, I’m looking forawrd to a carry over between devices! thank you for what you do!

IMHO a valuable near-term goal would be to allow exporting/importing individual logs or the full set of logs from one device to another. This would at least give some comfort to those who want a backup of their files that would be usable in HAMRS, for instance if the device needs to be wiped, is lost or damaged, etc.