Changing Bands Bug

Thanks for fixing the export bug.

Discovered a new one. When switching bands from 20m-14.067 to 40m. I enter the frequency of 7.037 in the box on the right, but instead of reporting the band as 40m HAMRS enters 4m. Same for going to 60m, 5.332, HAMRS enters 6m. And going back to 7.037 HAMRS again enters 4m. It fails to enter the “0” after the initial numeral.

I was able to catch this and correct on the edit, but if not, I’m afraid that the ADI log could show the incorrect band with the correct frequency and disallow the QSO.

Can you tell me which OS you’re on?

I am now using MAC Big Sur 11.3.1 but just upgraded and was probably on the previous edition when I had the problem.

That was about 3 activations ago, It was consistent but I’m not seeing it now, on the last few activations, since my post. Don’t know if it was fixed by the upgrade or something else, but I’ll let you know if it recurs.


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