Changing Operators

We occasionally have multiple operators at a given station during a club POTA activation. When the second operator comes on, he changes the My Call box to his call but after he logs a contact it goes back to the original operators call.
How do we make the My Call box persistent?

Michael WA7SKG

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I am bumping this up. I was going to post the exact same question. We were doing a club POTA activation last weekend. We were calling CQ under the the club callsign. Each club member would list their callsign under “My Callsign” but after each log entry if would revert back to the owners callsign.
Is theire a way to start a new club profile that will leave the My callsign blank or better bring forward the last my callsign field?

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Good topic, refreshing so it doesnt close out. Interested to see if there is going to be an update on this because we were just talking about doing a multi-operator POTA day.

The only thing I can think of is once you are done logging you have to go to the page where you see the logbooks. Click the cog and click on duplicate in the duplicate box change that call sign and it will also say copy, change the title to that persons call sign and the park. Otherwise you need to have separate computers.

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