Changing the other op's QTH


Two recommendations for a future release:

  1. Could you rename QTH in the POTA template to City? It’s cosmetic only but QTH encompasses more than just the city.

  2. If the other op is operating portable, and reveals his or her state to me during a POTA activation, I’d like to change it. That is possible now, of course, but the city and grid square are still populated from the QRZ database (making it look like Pittsburgh is in Ohio, for instance). It becomes unwieldy to highlight both of these fields and delete or replace the contents during an activation. Please consider adding a button to allow the user to toggle between a custom entry and a pre-populated one for the other op’s QTH data.

Love the progress you are making on the app! I wish I could make it out to more parks to use it more often–life keeps getting in the way. :slight_smile: