Chromebook latest

Hi Jarrett! Have not chimed in for quite a while!
I saw chatter about a year ago regarding hamrs on Chromebook.
I even read that you grabbed one for testing.
Just ordered a $99 ACER Chromebook.
Is it possible hamrs will work on it? It does have the play store.
Thanks for any thoughts!

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NOTE: Hamrs is distributed as an AppImage file. Before starting to run AppImage files on a Chromebook read this

  1. Then, before running linux apps/programs on a Chromebook, you have to setup the Chromebook following these instructions.

  2. Next, download the UBUNTU hamrs file (hamrs-0.11.6-linux-x86_64.AppImage) from and put it into the linux directory

  3. Next we make the AppImage file executable.

Click on the circle at bottom left of screen. Type linux in the search box and press enter. The linux terminal will open. Then, at the terminal prompt type :


It looks like this on my Chromebook

klblackw38@penguin:~$ chmod a+x hamrs-0.11.4-linux-x86_64.AppImage

  1. I found that I had to install libnss3 which is required to run Hamrs in Chrome Linux. Execute the following command to install the supporting app.

klblackw38@penguin:~$ apt-get install libnss3

  1. Finally to run Hamrs, execute the following command at the terminal prompt

klblackw38@penguin:~$ ./hamrs-0.11.3-linux-x86_64.AppImage

At this point Hamrs will open as usual and you can carry on as usual with Hamrs procedures.

After the initial setup you only have to execute the last command to start Hamrs. After the initial ./hamrs press tab and the rest of the file name will pop up, then press enter.