Chromebook OS and HAMRS

Just got into this community forum. I will explore but I just was gifted a Chromebook V2 and would like to use it for my amateur radio logging. I do Parks on the Air, some contesting and regular logging.

I struggled yesterday with compatibility requirements with the Chromebook OS and HAMRS. I see discussions regarding the import/export of the adi files.

Can HAMRS be run on Chromebook OS?

Crickets… might be a taboo subject. Apologies.

If you have an x86_64 chromebook it should be possible to run it via Crostini (aka Linux for Chromebook, aka “Linux (beta)”) with the AppImage (listed on the website as “Ubuntu”) The raspbian version might also work if you have a armv7 chromebook. Crostini files show up as a tab in the ChromeOS file manager. Not sure how well ChromeOS integrates AppImages into the native launcher - you may end up needing to write a .desktop file or launch it from the terminal.

Thank you! I will give that a try and take a look at my ChromeBook.

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