Chromebook problem

I am using chromebook and am unable to export my logbooks to adif.
any help would be appreciated.

There was a bug in 0.10.0 that caused this problem. It was fixed in 0.10.1, and requires a full restart to fix it apparently. Have you done that?

Also, what kind of chromebook? I’ve not tested HAMRS on Chromebooks, it should totally run fine, but it was not something I knew the Google Play store offered, so I never even thought about it. I need to pick one up so I can test with it.

how did you get the software into the chromebook please i have had no luck doing this

declan ei9hq

Only some chrome books have access to the google play store. I didn’t know this when I built HAMRS for Android, so your mileage may very. Here is a list I found Chrome OS Systems Supporting Android Apps - The Chromium Projects

Lenovo C330 is the make and model of my chromebook, listed as stable on the list provided. HAMRS version is 0.10.3. When clicking export.adi nothing happens. I have restarted my chromebook and the app several times. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

Hmmmm I’m not sure. How many QSOs are in the log you’re exporting. Anything odd about the QSOs? Missing info, special characters in a field or something I may have missed? I have no error reports, and everything you’ve provided seems like you should be doing just fine. I really need to snag a chromebook to see what’s going on.

I’ve got a Chromebook coming, it’ll be here Friday. I’m also adding even more error handling metadata information around this. I’ll be able to have a good look at it with this next release.

Hi Jarrett - wondering if you if your app will run on a Lenovo Chromebook Duet? Thanks

If you can install google play on your chromebook, it SHOULD work. But I’m unsure. My chromebook for testing is arriving today.

There are only 22 qso and my phone worked fine.

So I found out what was up. Chromebooks don’t have the same ‘Share sheet’ function that Android devices have, which is what I was utilizing for exporting on mobile devices. I’ve got a work around that I tested on the Chromebook I bought, and is currently with beta testers right now. Should be out in a couple of days.

Any updates on using Chromebook?

I’m also interedted in this fix, any update on this? thanks!

Just picked up a Samsung Chromebook today just for HAMRS. I’ve been using an iPad Air, but don’t want to lose/break that in the field. It looks like a month ago you were beta testing this fix, has that progressed at all? I’ve got the Chromebook set up and it works well and is nice and small. I think I have 15 days to return if this isn’t going to happen.

Any updates on the chromebook issues?

It doesn’t look like this thread is getting any attention. I’ve had my Chromebook for 20 days. I pulled up the My Apps page in the Google store and HAMRS was literally the only app that did not require an update.

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From what I can tell… when I try to export an adif using my Asus chromebook, It doesn’t give me a place to save the adif. I’m thinking that chromebook doesn’t support HAMRS or doesn’t support adif at all. I gave up trying and bought a surface pro 3. I love the Asus Chromebook because it has a no-glare screen…and it works great for logging… but I can’t export adif.

If this Chromebook issue is not going to be fixed, then remove it from the store and refund those who purchased it for the Chromebook. I had already purchased it for the iPad, but I wanted a more “disposable” device to run it on in the field. From the lack of response, it would appear that you’ve given up on the BETA you said you had out for testing.

It should be removed as far I know, a while back. I have a branch that’s ready to go as soon as ChromeOS provides the same ‘share sheet’ functionality they do in Android, which is how ADIF exports are handled. You should also be able to request a refund from the play store, but if not, DM your Paypal or some other address and I’ll get you squared away.