Chromebook support

I have tried to install on a Chromebook (Asus C423NA) that has the Intel Celeron CPU. The play store did not allow it to be installed (unsupported on this device).

Do you know if the app will install and run on the Mediatek MT8183 (ARM) architecture?


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I’m not a Chromebook user, but @jarrett indicated in another post that the Chromebook platform has been challenging. I don’t think HAMRS is supported on it yet.

I am going to go ahead and pickup the Mediatek MT8183 based Chromebook this weekend and will follow up with the results. Hopefully I can help @Jarrett with any troubleshooting or development if required.

Until HAMRS is fully supported on Chromebook, your cheapest option in the meantime would be to pick up a Fire Tablet and run it on that.

HAMRS runs well on my Fire Tablet. For convenience I use it with a bluetooth keyboard.

Just sayin’.

I would love to see a Chromebook version as well. My twin boys (10 yrs old) both have Chromebooks and we’re wanting to do an activation and use the same log I run and we found out it would not run the program. Not we are looking for a good alternative. HAMRS is by far the easiest to setup and use for logging for POTA!

I can confirm that the option to install on the Mediatek MT8183 is not available. Currently running the UDXLog app to log contacts. Definitely not as refined as HAMRS but it does the job.

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