Chromebook Version

hi is their a chromebook version of this please i am not great with pc etc etc
with this only run on a 64-bit windows system or can it be run on a 32-bit
sorry for troubling you
Declan EI9HQ

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Not a trouble a at all! It’s a great request. I like chromebooks, they’re inexpensive and highly portable, great for things like POTA. That said, I don’t currently have the ability to build for ChromeOS, I would need to build a PWA to do that, which would take some time, so I don’t see myself working to support that right now unless demand becomes high.

As far as 32/64 architecture, it should be able to run on both. I don’t have a 32 bit machine to test with maybe the community can chime in with their experiences.

i am signed up just did not login sorry
when i install the program it says it need windows 64-bit i will check my windows version

declan EI9HQ

I just built a 32-bit version - would you test it for me? It’s got some new features that aren’t released yet too :wink:

Windows 32 Bit Test

I imstalled on 32bit machine, it didn’t work . De k8mh

i should have worded my response differently. I installed 64bit on 32 bit machine and it did not work. This is on an old windows tablet mad by asus. I installed the 32 bit and it appeared to work fine, except that the readability change from 0.9.9 didnt appear to be implemented, does that seem correct ? de k8mh.

So the 32 bit version I provided DID install on your 32 bit tablet, which is good, but I’m not sure what you mean by:

the readability change from 0.9.9 didnt appear to be implemented,

Hi jarred

At work at this time will do if this afternoon and will get back to you tnx

Declan ei9hq

hi jarrett,
all is fine installed ok with no problems. tnx for being so quick with the fix for windows 32bits

declan ei9hq

Good to hear! I’ll include 32 bit versions in builds from now on.

I can’t get version 9.9 to install on 32 bit linux mint 19.x laptop. I get a bunch of jibberish and then incorrect image error. It installed fine on a 64 bit Linux mint 20.x desktop computer.
Charlie - KØLAF

I haven’t provided a 32bit build for 0.9.9 yet. I did a test with a user higher in this thread with a 32bit Windows version and that seemed to work for them. Would you cool with me provided a link to a 32bit .AppImage build to test with? It’d be a fresh build from my working branch, so no guarantees, but I have no 32bit systems to test on.

Sure, I’d be happy to help with this.
73, Charlie - KØLAF

Did the 32bit version wok on the chrome book?

I didn’t realize that android apps from the play store could be installed on chromebooks. Someone on the POTA Facebook group did it, and had trouble exporting files. I’ve not tested it on a Chromebook, but I’d like to. I think that’s a very cool option because they’re light, inexpensive laptops. I’m poking around ebay and facebook marketplace to see if I can snag one cheap to test with.

If anyone is an android beta tester and owns a chromebook, I’d love more more feedback while I’m waiting to get my hands on one.

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hi Jarrett how do you download the android app to a chromebook have tried and only when to my phone sorry i am not pc compliant

declan ei9hq

Hi Jarrett,

I have a Chromebook tablet. I downloaded your app from the Android App Store and did a POTA test log and I was able to export the the log to my email with no problems. Hope this helps love your app great job.

Mathew KD9DZT

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Thank you! Can you tell me which tablet you have? I’m trying to gather up a list of ‘known good systems’

Hi Jarrett,

I have the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook Laptop.

Mathew KD9DZT