Clearing the other op's location data (individual QSOs)

Please consider including a button to “clear other op’s QTH info” when entering a QSO.

I’ve had several instances where the other op reports a state different from the QTH pulled from HamDB (often because they’re traveling on vacation or business, or activating a park away from home). If their home QTH is Orlando, FL, and they report a QTH of GA, it is cumbersome for me to remove Orlando and the grid square and replace FL with GA.

My work-around is to enter their state in the Comments field and fix it later via ADIF Master. (Trying to find it by going one-on-one, editing each QSO, is an exercise in futility.)

But having the ability to clear the location fields and enter fresh for individual QSOs would be a big help.

From a visual perspective, putting a box around the other op’s QTH fields and placing a “clear” button just outside the box would be a clean way to facilitate this.

Great suggestion! I’ve needed something like this myself from time to time.

Although this might be a good feature for some, maybe even most, I wouldn’t use it. I rely on LoTW for confirmation, and unless the hunter on the road doesn’t change his location during our contact in LoTW, then I will never get a verified QSO from him, even if I did use the Clear QSO Button. The hunter would need to log his QTH information on paper then upload an adi submission to LoTW in order for our QSO to match. WD4T

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