Comma separated callsign entry

POTA - I’ve had several instances of hunting a park and when entering the QSO, they say they have another operator at that park. Currently, you have to start another QSO and re-enter the a lot of the same info (signal reports, park, etc). It would be handy to be able to enter multiple callsigns separated by a comma like you do when they have multiple parks and then it will create the multiple QSO entries.

I like this, too–treat it the same way a park entry is handled.

Two ops at a two-fer generates four QSO entries.

I thought about this myself when I activated a park yesterday. The hang up right now, is where in the logic I can perform multiple lookups for operators, without getting in the way of the logic that’s currently there. Not impossible at all, would be very handy feature for sure, but will take some refactoring to get the orchestration of all of the fields working.

I figured the lookups would be difficult. And you’d probably have to not limit the number of callsigns as well. I’m sure this won’t always be the case, but a couple weekends ago when they were running that support your parks weekend I was trying to hunt a park and while listening, it sounded like they had over 10 operators that they were just handing the mic to one after another for each QSO. The most I’ve ever had on a normal weekend was 2, so I’m guessing that is more normal, but I’m sure you’d have to design the field to handle unlimited entries. I wouldn’t worry about it if it is a big reconfiguration of the app. The app is amazing right now. Thanks for all your hard work on it.

This probably defeats the purpose of the lookup, but what if it was delayed until after the user hits save?

I’m guessing with one operator and multiple parks, it runs an iterative loop where it populates a line for every operator/park combo.

If you opened the loop up to multiple operators and multiple parks, you could then nest inside the lookup so it would run the lookup each time thru the loop as it saves the entry.

Just a thought.

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