Comments Feature

Maybe a way to insert the park number in the comments field? (A check box) so when I upload to QRZ it puts the park number too

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Would the move here be to just persist whatever is entered into the comment field across QSOs? I noticed WSJT-X does this. And that would eliminate the need for adding a check box

Not too sure, I just know like for me I enjoy seeing where we talked when I go on QRZ log, I’m not sure if it’s comments or notes that carries over though.

The idea is the option to have it auto populate with the park number (so I’m not just staring at a list of call signs on QRZ). This way you don’t have to go back and enter it in each one.

Yeah I think what I can do is, when you enter a park number, it will populate in the comment field. And then the comment field will persist between QSOs. If I could figure out a nice way to ‘lock’ a field without introducing check boxes everywhere, that’s would be the ultimate experience in my mind. Also the ability to change fields in en-masse. I can get this solved for you one way or another :slight_smile:

Thanks. Can’t wait to see what more there is to come! Your app is amazing. Just need a all-inclusive log now :slight_smile:

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