Compatibility with POTA!

One change I would like to see is the frequency format in Kz
which POTA uses…
I consistently - after spotting on POTA in Kz - enter freq in Kz on HAMRS and naturally get an error!
would be great to have some consistency between the two apps so as to more quickly start activating instead of playing with inconsistent formats
72 Dan VA3MA

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OTOH, POTA totally ignores the frequency entry in the log, only the BAND is looked at. In HAMRS, you could just leave the frequency box blank and put in only the band. Or, you could put a generic frequency in (i.e. 14.250) and leave it for all contacts on that band, only changing the frequency when you change bands.

Granted, that will give some the heeby-jeebies just thinking about inaccurate logs, but that is up to personal preference.

FWIW, I often have the same issue. I either forget to put the decimal in HAMRS and get boinged, or I do put the decimal in the spotting page and get an error. I agree it would be nice if they matched format.

Michael WA7SKG

I would like this to be the default ONLY if you are doing a POTA type of logging.

Even though POTA doesn’t need the frequency others like QRZ and eQSL might. Can’t confirm that at the moment. But looking at all my adi logs from wsjtx and HamRS, I see that both use the Mhz in the freq field.

One other way, is if HamRS were changed ever so slightly, in other words behind the scenes, so to speak: 1. if you enter a freq with a ‘dot’ in it, it assumed to be MHz. and 2. if you enter a frequency without a ‘dot’ in it, HamRS assumes khz and silently converts it to MHz for you automagically. As a former programmer in life, I can tell you that this is entirely doable and fairly easy to do.

That way no matter how you put the freq in, you are happy, and HamRS is happy!



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