Confirmation Step When Deleting a QSO

Yesterday I did a stupid thing, I accidentally deleted a QSO instead of clicking SAVE. It’s a small thing but could a confirmation step / click be added to the delete button?
Many thanks

What version of HAMRS are you using? There should be a confirmation dialog with deleted a QSO:

Thank you! I will check my version and update accordingly.

Thanks again for writing this fabulous app! It has seriously improved my working portable ham radio experience. I cannot over state that!!


Neil - K6KWI

Somewhat related, I’ve accidentally hit clear instead of save at the end of a qso. I wondered if a confirmation could be added to clear or move clear further away from save. I use HAMRS on an iPad for POTA…


I stand corrected, yes it’s the “Clear” function that I clicked rather than SAVE. Totally my fault but I lost a great QSO… lol BUT, the contact heard me pleading & came back & I was able to recreate the entry. Life lesson, I’ll watch that going forward. Thanks again!!!

I was gonna say I’m pretty sure there’s a confirm. :smiley_cat:


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