Contacted station grid doesn't always plot

This appears related to having any preceding or trailing spaces. If the grid box has any, the QSO won’t plot on the QSO map. It appears all of the templates have the same problem.

How do you end up with leading or trailing spaces in this field?

Regardless, to user-proof this, perhaps @Jarrett would consider disabling entry of anything except letters and numbers in this field–both on the primary entry screen and in the QSO editing screen.

Also recommend following the grid square convention of AA##aa (lower case letters for positions 5 and 6) when editing a QSO. At present, HAMRS capitalizes all letters when editing.

I was copy-pasting the grid from a web page. It appears there’s a bug related to the grid field clearing itself, but that’s for another report. Due to this other bug, I was looking up callsigns to get their grids.

Ah, understand. It’s easy to inadvertently grab extra characters (like spaces) when selecting text from a web page.

So rather than prohibiting entry of spaces. @Jarrett may want to consider parsing the text once the user tabs or moves to another field. Prohibiting spaces may disallow pasting a copied string.

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