Contacts Not Showing Up In Map

Hello, I have enabled expanded mode and added my grid number, although contacts are not showing up in map. thanks

Do the contacts have grid info?

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No… Is there a way to auto populate that? Or do I need to go and find the grid number and manually enter it?

There is no bulk lookup available so, in an existing log, click on the gear icon to the right of the QSO. Then click on Lookup.

During a live entry session, the lookup will be performed if you have an internet connection.

This assumes you have a lookup configured in your profile.

73, Charlie - K0LAF

The points on the map only show if the grid square is populated for each contact made. Initially I used HamDB, which is free, but mainly only looks up US & some Canadian callsigns. Tried QRZ but it only populates those grid squares for contacts if you have at minimum the lowest QRZ subscription. The only other way to get them to so is to manually look up each station and manually enter them yourself.