Copy from POTA spots not working on all spots

Very odd bug, but the copy button doesn’t seem to be working on all the POTA spots, only some of them. This is happening on Windows, Android, and iPad. Can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason why.

Anyone else having this issue tonight?

Same here. Running HAMRS 0.11.3 on MacBook Pro. Clicking the “copy” button is not populating the contact details. Sometimes it does copy and other times it does not and is non-responsive.

Just tested this on my iPad. Same results–some work and others don’t. I couldn’t detect a pattern.

Same story here. Intermittent copy function with 0.11.3 on Windows 10.

Happening with new K-9000 series parks. List needs to be updated for new additional parks.

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This is probably it. I need to go grab a new copy of that CSV they provide and convert it.! Can anyone else verify it’s new parks?

Can you tell me where to d/l the updated CSV file? Github perhaps?

@jarrett, yes, that’s definitely the issue.


Thanks for the CW QSO this morning!

i have noticed when a spot will not copy on one device the exact same spot doesn’t copy on any device

Thanks for the help locating the all_parks_ext.csv file. Now that I have it, how does it get applied? I’m using both windows 10 and Ubuntu
73 de ke2yk

Conversion and integration into HAMRS is something @jarrett will need to handle, as he mentioned above. Otherwise, the list is available for you to reference independently on your own device.

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