Country Name for USA

HAMRS logs the country for U.S. contacts as “United States”. My main logging software is N3FJP ACLog which stores the country names for U.S. contacts as “USA”.
Is there a way I can modify the country name to “USA” on my end?

I know you are asking about within HAMRS. I don’t have that answer… But one can use a utility like ADIF master, highlight the column items, then do a “replace” with the label you want. Then save the file. Then import into N3FJP. Cheers.

You don’t need any special software to do this. Just open up the adi file in a text editor, (on windows - notepad++) in other OS’s just use any text editor.

Do a find on United States, and replace with USA globally.

Save the file.

I’ve edited the .ADI file post activation many times. I wish not to do that if I can. HAMRS has a subfolder with .PK<?> as an extention. The lookup may be there, but I am not familiar with the extention.

Thank you guys for the responses.

Ciao for niao…
Savi W1SAV

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