CQ Worldwide DX

Which template should I use at the moment for the CQ WorldWide DX contest that will run this weekend?

@wc0o I could be mistaken, but I don’t think HAMRS has the right ADIF fields to support a contest such as this one yet. I think the sent and received exchanges (sig report and CQ zone) are supposed to be logged into the STX_STRING and SRX_STRING fields which HAMRS doesn’t provide.

So there may be a way to use one of the existing templates, then export and edit the ADIF with something like ADIF Master to rename the columns, then convert the log to Cabrillo format using the CQ WW DX online converter.

IMHO, N1MM (a dedicated contest logger) would be an easier choice for now.

Thanks KZ3L. I used a different template as you suggested, I’ll just adjust the text file. I hope HAMRS will have more templates in the future, this app is super. Still some bugs to kill, but a great start. Especially for iOS.