Crowdfunding HAMRS Devolopment?

There have been reports that HAMRS is still being actively worked on ( a major re-write) - by the developer and/or a private contractor - Like many others I certaily hope this is the case. HAMRS has become an important tool in Ham Radio to so many.

In the interest of seeing active HAMRS development continued, especially in light of major POTA prefix changes, I would be willing to participate in “crowdfunding” such an enterprise or in some way further contribute toward such an activity and have a feeling that others may be inclined to do the same. How would one go about this and would the developer(s) entertain such an initiative?


I have been hearing this myself but not sure how true it is. I wish they would release an update letting users know something. It would definitely be a welcomed piece of information for an already wonderful software.

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There is a Patreon for HAMRS. HAMRS | creating A simple, portable logger | Patreon


Thanks for that info… I was unaware of Patreon existence as a way to support , so I signed up for a paid membership.

I also overlooked the Donate link, below, on the software download page that provides the option to donate directly to developer,
(Donate) which I have made good use of also.

Thanks, again,

Peter de: N8YEL