Cursor moves when callsign is updated

Sometimes there is a need to update the callsign, i.e. working a pile up and hearing only the last characters. However, when the cursor is placed anywhere and a letter (not number) is typed, the callsign is being looked up and the cursor is placed at the end. This causes serious usability issues.


  • Type “AZ” into the callsign field.
  • Place cursor between the “A” and the “Z” and type “BC”. Notice that the “B” is placed at the proper spot but the “C” appears at the end. The incorrect resulting callsign is “ABZC”. It should be “ABCZ”.

Surprisingly the callsign lookup works properly with numbers.

  • Type “AES” into the callsign field.
  • Place cursor between “E” and “S” and type “0”. Notice that the cursor remains between the “0” and the “S” while the callsign is properly looked up.

Version 1.0.6
This behaviour has been tested on Windows and Android.

I hope someday this is fixed… Many threads on the same topic.

Bumping for visibility (i.e. avoid auto closure).

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