Cursor Unexpectedly Jumps to End of Call Field

When working a pileup during a POTA activation I often end up catching just the suffix of someone’s call. If I enter the suffix letters in the call field, and then move the cursor to the front of the suffix and start to enter the prefix on the next go-around, the cursor jumps to the end of the suffix characters every time I enter a prefix character. When the prefix has 3 characters, I need to manually return the cursor to the middle of the call 2 times more to enter the letters in the right order. It’s really irritating and often leads to errors that require even more fiddling with cursor re-location. The same thing happens in the park field. If I enter the park number and then go back to enter K and -, the cursor jumps to the end of the field after the K and - are typed into the field box. Is there a setting I can change to stop this behavior? I’m using HAMRS on a Microsoft Surface running Windows 10. Otherwise I have no complaints - HAMRS is a fabulous application. 73! Leon NT8B

I believe @Jarrett hopes to address this an upcoming release. He does have it on the list of bugs to fix (#186):

However, I think he only has the call sign issue on his list. @Jarrett should add the park number to his solution as well.

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