Data Verification on Export

Would it be possible to verify complete data on export?
I received a POTA log from HAMRS Version 1.0.1 I was unable to process. Almost half the entries had band:0 and many entries did not have a MODE tag at all.
Here are some example records from the file with actual identifying data redacted and sample calls.

country:13United States
undefinedname:13XXXXX X XXXX

country:13United States
undefinedname:15XXXXX X XXXXX

Perhaps when the POTA template is selected, the export routine could verify that the required CALL, BAND, MODE, QSO_DATE, and TIME_ON fields are present and populated?

As an added gee-whiz, just to aid in troubleshooting, is there any possibility of listing the log template used in the ADI header? Long shot, I know, but never hurts to ask. Maybe this operator did not use the POTA Template? Hence the “notes:6K-9999” entry and the “undefined” comment? Knowing whether or not he used which template would aid in troubleshooting.

I realize some of this is likely operator error rather than a code issue, but some of these folks need all the help they can get. It’s easy to miss or fat finger things in the heat of activating, but if we can build a few safeguards into the program to help them out, it is a win for everybody.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Michael WA7SKG
POTA 7th Area Coordinator

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I don’t think this user was using the POTA template. There are three clues:

  • Notice the lack of a “MY_ SIG_INFO” field. Yes, it’s possible he or she didn’t fill it in, but unlikely.

  • One of the fields has “UNDEFINED”. This is a recognized error in the Generic template, which has a projected fix.

  • The POTA template already validates and requires the BAND and MODE fields to be completed.

Excellent news. Thank you for these answers. I will pass this on to my activator.

I can confirm that HAMRS doesn’t validate that you have MODE set on any templet I have used. (POTA and Generic) I can also confirm its possibly to log contacts with out a freq set. Which I think is a bit annoying.

Okay, I do not know who is who on this list, so I’m not sure what to think about conflicts. KZ3L assures me that in the current version using the POTA template the MODE entry must be present to save the contact, if I understand correctly what he is saying. However, KD9KCK insists that the MODE need not be present to complete the contact in the log. I guess I will need to do some experimenting to see who is correct.

It might be nice to know who speaks with authority in this group and who is just offering his two cents.

@WA7SKG The Generic template doesn’t require anything but the call sign, and it will still save the record. So a blank band or mode field can still be saved.

The POTA template requires both. It populates the mode by default, and you can’t delete the mode—you can only choose from the list. “Blank” isn’t in the list.

As for band, the POTA template refuses to save the record unless you choose one, also from the list. The POTA template will allow you to save without a frequency, since that is not required for submission to POTA.

See POTA template screen shots below from my iPad as evidence.

I believe HAMRS imposes these restrictions on all operating systems. I’ll try it on Windows later this morning.

I would invite @KD9KCK to share screen shots of his POTA template with band and mode saved as “blank” and report which version of HAMRS he is using. Much older versions didn’t impose these requirements in the POTA template. Perhaps there is an unidentified bug as well… so that would be helpful. It seems that hams can break just about anything. :joy:

As for who speaks with authority, that would be @jarrett, the developer. I am a moderator here and have done extensive beta testing, so at least I speak from experience.

I just tested the POTA template again on Windows and I can’t get it to save without a band or mode. So at least iOS and Windows validate these fields. Not sure what OS @KD9KCK is using.

Thanks, Kevin. I couldn’t ask for a more definitive answer than that. And thanks for all your work on the HAMRS program. Also, happy to see another USAF vet. Thank you for your service. 73. Michael WA7SKG


Thanks for the write-up @KZ3L - Previous version of HAMRS didn’t validate fields. That was fixed a few versions ago, but definitely snuck through to some coordinators. It SHOULD be impossible to leave out a mode on the POTA template. It’s auto-filled to SSB by default, and then requires you to choose from a list, but will not allow an empty field. But things happen, so if someone can replicate it I’ll get right on it. Same for Frequency. Anybody who can reproduce, let me know. Bugs happen :wink: Thank you ALL for chewing on this and helping me make sure HAMRS isn’t making coordinators lives difficult!


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