Date and Time error

Sorry if this has been covered–I didn’t see it. Just activated a park for POTA and HAMRS somehow didn’t read the correct date and time from my iPad for the entire duration. It showed 2022-09-10 (2 days late) and the time locked at 19:46:00. Of course I didn’t notice this until after I uploaded my log to POTA and merged it with my station log. So now I’m screwed. I’d have to wait until POTA sends it back, but how could I fix all the QSO times? I have no idea what they are. HAMRS is supposed to take care of that. How did this happen and how do I know it won’t happen again? Eric AC6NT

Is it possible the clock was paused during your activation? Times should be automatically updated continuously for you and will match your iPad clock (plus the UTC adjustment, of course).

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