Date and time placement

So far I have enjoyed the program and it works well. The only nit I could find to pick is that when I use paper logs it takes a little extra doing to get past the date to change the time. Pressing tab usually hops straight from date to the time box, but every not bad then the date select box can be stubborn. If the time were to the left of the date it would prevent having to interact with the date field, as long as copying the log the same day. It is a minor annoyance but an annoyance none the less. IPad Pro running 14.5 with magic keyboard.

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Good catch! You are far more likely to change the time than the date. I’ll make the date field the last field.

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I apologize I missed this request somewhere. Can you add a check box to keep the date field filled with last record entered? While I know its meant to use real time, I find it is also a great app to enter the log the next day (I log on paper). Having to change the date field every time is a bit tedious. Thanks. W1ip

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Even better would be saving the hour toward the next log entry when post entering. That way, only the minutes would need to be changed most of the time.


Max - WG4Z