Dealing With Club Stations

For POTA, when using a Club Station (or multi-operator activity), the call used on the air (Club Call) needs to go into the STATION_CALLSIGN field and the operator’s call needs to go into the OPERATOR field. There does not seem to be a provision for this in HAMRS, requiring a ton of editing of the .adi file prior to submission.
Will this somehow be addressed, or is there some setup parameter I am missing?

This feature already exists.

Turn on expanded mode:

…then enter your call and the club call:

This places the club call sign in the “STATION_CALLSIGN” field and your call sign in the “OPERATOR” field. If you leave the Club Callsign blank, then your call sign only populates the “OPERATOR” field in the exported ADIF.

I usually put my call sign in both fields to make it easier to convert to WWFF logs, which require both the station and the operator’s call signs.

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