Delete All QSOs in a File

Is there a way to way to delete all QSOs in a log and start over again? Often times, I’ll activate the same park over and over again. If I could just duplicate the file, delete all the QSOs and begin again under a new date, that would be awesome. Right now, if I duplicate the file, I must delete each QSO individually: [edit]-[delete]-[OK] and repeat…3 keystrokes per QSO. So, if there’s not a way to do that, there should be. Which is it?

I don’t think there is a “delete all” option in a logbook.

Why not just create a new log? There isn’t much involved in starting a new one.

Better yet, create a blank log for your park (perhaps enter a single “test” QSO to ensure it retains your settings), and just make a duplicate of that quasi-template and log your contacts in the duplicate log. Your original will remain intact for copying in the future.

KZ3L. Those are good solutions and ones that I had conjured on. As a work around, I especially like the blank log idea. Thanks. I believe; however, that a “delete all” solution would still be a good idea.

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