Distance reporting

I have seen a few comments about this but no responses. @Jarrett

Maybe I have a setting wrong (WIN 10 laptop currently), but a way to see distance in a QSO would be great. I can’t be alone in the idea of I love to see the distance of the communications.

In the pics below is a few ideas to maybe help your thoughts on this if needed.

First pic, the red square labled dead space, and second pic a few red squares, could you shrink down the over all size (left to right) of the tabs and add the green sqaure(s) area and have it populate milage? Not sure if you can look at the coding for the FT8 programs but it populates milage into the QSO (75% of the time). Might be some coding you can borrow to get the milage.

Or third pic I have populated my call into the box with a milage below my callsign. I honestly wouldn’t even make the label box any bigger, just shift the callsign to upper/center justification versus center/center, and add second line with simple milage below callsign.

With all that said THANK YOU for a so far, seems easy straight forward logging app… specially the MAP view…

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