Duplicate call sign detection

It’s not uncommon to get some duplicate hunters during an activation, especially if you are out for several hours, it happens to me on just about every activation. It would be great if the logbook could call out duplicate callsigns (kinda like the excel “Conditional Formatting / Highlight Cells Rules… / Duplicate Values”)

Your app is going to make it very easy to export an adif, which will likely be sent directly to a section manager, who will then kick it back to you because you have duplicates (ask me how i know). Right now, I run my adifs through ADIFMaster, which will find errors, but not duplicates, so I sort the call sign column alphabetically and visually scan them, and i always miss them. It’s just a giant pain to export to excel, then re-import the CSV to ADIFMaster, to then save as ADIF. (or to deal with the extra formatting to be able to save directly out of Excel)

Just a thought, love the software.

Can you check these release notes and tell me if that’s what you’re thinking, or if you mean something different? We had a thread about this because I originally had just had it flag duplicate calls, but then a user pointed out that’s not enough - a duplicate callsign but on a different band for instance was a separate QSO. Did I miss a use case?

OOF! sorry, yes, that’s exactly the use case. I haven’t physically taken it out in the field yet, so I would have probably seen it in action today and been amazed. That works exacty right.

No worries - I’d rather have more feedback than none at all :wink: