Eating some crow

I was one of the people that initially said HAMRS had too many issues to be used reliably for POTA. Well, it has matured, the developer has done amazing work, and it is now my de facto tool when doing POTA. Under the current release, I have had almost ZERO issues using on an Android tablet (hacked to be full android), my Android phone and my Windows PC. It just works. About the only issue is that if you type something wrong in “their park” and back up, it hangs. Have to exit and come back in. The people who are asking for all sorts of syncing and other features don’t really understand what this is for. This is not a full station log, there are so many better options. But for portable ops it can’t be beat. Don’t believe me? Check my POTA stats, not my first rodeo, lol. W1ip


just put something back in Their park field and it will save. when it happened to me I just enter a K in the field, save and move on, Then just edit the contact to remove what ever you put in that field. You can edit the contact before you continue with the next contact or wait till you get home. No need of exiting and starting up again…It has only happened to me a couple of times
hope this helps… Steve VE1SK