Editing the date on a logbook

I made a mistake on my logbook today. I’m a first-timer. I used a paper log this afternoon. When I came home this evening and created my logbook in HAMRS, I didn’t realize the date in the app had changed to tomorrow’s date (UTC). I changed the times to the correct times of the QSOs, but the date is incorrect. Of course, I’ve already uploaded the incorrect log to QRZ and QTH Home. POTA kept giving me error messages when I tried to upload.

Is there a way to correct my date on my logbook?

Thank you! I looked around the community, but couldn’t find the answer.


You can’t bulk edit the date, but you can edit each QSO and change it there.

An alternative is to edit the ADIF log on a PC. A simple search-and-replace with a text editor would do the trick.

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Thank you for your nice reply! I was able to edit the entire log using the Replace function in ADIFMaster. It only took a few minutes to fix the log and upload to POTA. Then, I deleted the incorrect rows in QRZ and uploaded the corrected log.

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ADIFMaster is a GREAT utility to have, if you know what you’re doing. Glad you got this to work!

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