Efficient Iphone HAMRS Keyboard Layout for POTA

Hello All,

I thought I would share what I think is a pretty efficient Iphone Keyboard for HAMRS.

There is a free app called Slyder that you can create custom keyboards for the Iphone. I always found it annoying that numbers are not immediately available when the keyboard is displayed on the iphone.

Attached is my first pass at creating a keyboard that should avoid having to use shift keys for critical characters.

The first line includes the the common first letter of US call signs, a Key combination of K- (for park number entry), the comma and period and some common signal reports. The second line are the available numbers, again without having to access the number shift key.

I entered a few test calls and it just feels natural. you can add multiple lines and really go to town, but like HAMRS, the KISS principal should be the goal here!

Check out Slyder for Iphone in the App Store and Suggest any improvements. It was relatively easy to customize and add the Slyder keyboard, There is a video link included in the software to show you how to do it.


W8ZLW Jeff

Update a Month ago now makes K- parks US- Parks, and they are searchable. Nice update!

Attached is an update to the keyboard layout that allows for a 3 character combo (US-) big time saver.