Empty fields are being emitted into ADIF file

Version 0.11.4 appears to have introduced new fields to the ADIF output: those being and .

When operating with the mode set to SSB, these fields are output into the ADIF file with no content, as follows:

When using SSB, we don’t (at this time) differentiate between the sidebands, and those are not really submodes anyway. The submode field seems more appropriate for digital modes, perhaps, like PSK->BPSK31, for example.

I argue that it is reasonable that if a field has no data, then it should not end up in the ADIF export. And this would be the case for SSB.

As for the address:0 field? I can’t fathom why that one is being emitted.

Andrew, N1ACW …

Fixed this, will be out in the Beta release in the next couple of days.


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