Enable Multiple Operators in Their Call Sign

So I’m getting old. And HAMRS is so good that I rely on it to the point that I no longer keep a note pad and pen close by.

It’s not unusual for a P2P to have multiple operators. (Happened twice today out of 44 QSOs) My memory isn’t what it used to be, so I can’t remember the second call sign long enough to create a second separate log entry.

It would be great if HAMRS could allow the insertion of multiple operators (separated by a comma) similar to the way we can now add multiple parks in the “Their Park” blank.

Many thanks for your consideration.

I like this idea, too. The “multiple park” entry feature is beautiful–and I’ve heard some great feedback on it. Mirroring this capability with multiple call signs would sure be nice.

Of course, where it gets complicated is when you have two or more operators activating multiple parks. Two ops at a two-fer would need to be translated into 2 x 2 = 4 QSOs. But it would definitely be helpful.

I agree. If this is at all possible, please consider this. Like myself, many hams have close friends that are hams as well. Our families socialize together, and often activate parks while we socialize. Right now we create second log entries on paper the later we will insert the second op call. Then make a copy of the second log for my co-activator, and using ADIFMaster, edit the MY_CALL field with his call. Instant log for him to submit. You may not realize this, but my friend, you have revolutionized POTA logging. Thank you very much for this product. Best $4.99 I have spent in ham radio. 73, WD4T


This is a moot issue. In my opinion. When you export the adi, simply save another copy, and using ADIFMaster, do a bulk edit of the MY_CALL replacing your call with the second operators call, and likewise for as many operators as you have. HAMRS Author has plenty of more important code issues in keeping all the other, nice to haves, rolling. Thanks for this product, it’s well worth the $4.99 Wd4t

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@WD4T I think the original poster asks for the ability to add two or more calls for the other park, not his own. HAMRS would then generate two QSOs, one for each contact.

That is completely different from the scenario you describe, where you are activating alongside another operator.

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