End of QSO time

End QSO time.

I have searched the entries and can’t find anything. I import my logs into N3FJP, my master long, then upload to LOTW, EQSL, QRZ, ETC, and the end qso is blank and I assume causes and issue with LOTW and possibly others, I had been getting daily confirmations from LOTW and since I have started using HAMRS, with the no end time I haven’t gotten any confirmations

Log into your LOTW account and check the status of your uploads. I found my uploads to be empty even though the attempt was recorded. The reason was that the grid location was not associated with the certificate for LOTW on my PC. The answer for me was to manage location in the tqsl software on my PC. Optionally I could remove the grid information of the park before uploading my adi file to N3FJP and then LOTW would accept them whn synced. Good luck.


I concur with VE1RPX.


Open TQSL, click on file then Display or Modify Preferences… Then on the Log Handling tab, select Override Station Location with… then Ok.

Now you can upload your park activation qsos with the correct state, county and grid.

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I get around the grid issue with log book of the world by making a new station location for each park and it’s grid square and upload the activation adif file with the park station location selected. When I go back to the park for another activation, the station location is ready to use again. My logging program is ACLog by N3FJP.

You can do it that way, but as @VE1RPX mentioned, using the override simplifies things and that is how I do it.

I always make sure key location information is included in my HAMRS log: state, grid square, and county expressed in the format “ST,County” (for example, “OH,Warren”).