Entering logs after an activation

HAMRS really shines for entering logs “live” while doing an activation. But it doesn’t appear to be optimal for post-activation logging, e.g. from a paper log.

One feature to consider would be to facilitate rapid post-event logging by making a minor tweak: allow the user to set the date and time stamps to be “sticky” (or locked, whichever term is preferred.)

Then the user can log as normal, and manually enter the key information (including the correct time) for each QSO without having to reenter the date and time for every single log entry.

It has been discussed previously to move the time field ahead of the date field. That would help matters, too, in this use case.

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Great suggestion! I’ll get it in my backlog!


Given the topic focus, use of the term “backlog” makes a great pun.

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Just seen this would be great if you can choose the date and lock it.

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Agree, but I personally would need an obvious reminder to unlock once I returned to normal logging.

I would really like this feature.

Have you tried it yet?

0.11.4 has a “pause” button for the time. Seems to work most of the time for me but occasionally it doesn’t.

Press the clock button to pause it (turns black) and again to resume the clock (slowly flashing blue),

64 bit linux version 0.11.4 works great for this.

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