Export aid in fire

I am using a Fire and when I hit export adi nothing happens.

I’ve posted about this also - clos the app and re-open it, the export will then work

I tried that but still nothing.

This is my #1 priority right now. Amazon Fire tablets are also not providing me ANY error information, so I’m debugging with 2 hands tied behind my back, but I’ll find it and put out an update ASAP.

@W8SUN @vk2met found the error, I’ll have an update in the store today. Thanks for being patient. It sucks you couldn’t export your files, but it’s coming!

Thanks Jarrett…do I need to delete the program and download the new one? Also will I have to pay the fee again?

Wayne W8SUN

Hi Wayne,
Once Jarrett makes the new version available, Amazon will do their thing (whatever that is) and in a day or so, our fire devices will automatically update to the new version at no additional cost.
73, Charlie - KØLAF

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Thanks Charlie

Wayne W8SUN

Looks like this went live last night. Can you confirm you’re able to export logbooks?

Hi Jarrett

Got the update and everything is working fine now. Thank you so much that’s a really cool program!


Wayne W8SUN