Facebook users group

You should have a Facebook users group… especially once you actually release this current beta (which is incredible)

Everyone is not on Facebook, I myself deleted my facebook account because I have issues with their privacy or lack there of and stalking everything I did on the internet. Plus I just think they suck as a company.

I vote for a MeWe group!

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I mean, both is fine. If it comes to the point where I care enough about how evil social media companies are, then i’d just get off social media altogether. The idea of social media upholding privacy is an oxymoron, you can’t have both in the same place. For now (for me) Facebook is just fine, and is where the majority of my ham radio groups are. Not looking for another social media account. I personally am looking forward to iOS 14.5, which will allow me to opt out of any and all social media and app tracking (other than apple, obviously).

What’s wrong with with this platform? IMO, having a central repository of errors and issues beats having to look into several.

i mean, there’s nothing wrong with this platform. I just know that I’ve gotten quite a bit of good info, and met some cool people ons some of the specific topic facebook user groups. Like each of the actual transcievers I own, there is a FB group for each, and I’ve picked up some good info.
There is nothing bad about this (I actually like user forums like this) but most people just won’t come sign up… It seems that mostly these groups are made of the people likely to want to be active beta testers… there are thousands of people who are not that, and have no interest in that…

I definitely see the ‘yet another thing to sign up for’ thing. But this app (Discourse), let’s me do things FB can’t - mainly tag and organize posts so I don’t miss a request or a bug. I’m more than happy to create a FB group for people just to talk, but I’m sure I’ll miss a bug or feature request there.


honestly, before long, if the popularity of this app is what I think it is… there’s likely to be a user independently created one anyways.

I’m with you. There’s no need for another platform that brings nothing more to the table. Even if it was just to generate exposure for HAMRS, given the nature of such things, it would ultimately turn into a bug/feature/support request forum for which Jarrett already has this.

It’s not much work to install a password manager to keep tract of various accounts across various platforms. Heck, it’s already built into the major web browsers. So having to create “one more account” I feel is a moot argument.