[Feature Ideas] Map Enhancements

Providing an enhanced Map feature set could really make this logger stand above all others.

  • GPS data for SOTA
  • Grid Tracker / Overlay
  • Color-coded Pins (to Track different modes FT8, CW, SSB…)
  • QRZ Award Tracker (Being able to see the status on selected Awards you are tracking)
  • Map Stats (graph or visual representation of QSOs via a pie chart/ Pota /Modes etc…)

Other potentially useful features:
-OffLine Database pulls of basic info like Name and QTH when there is no internet
-Automatic frequency changes when connected to the transceiver via Laptop

Thanks again for all your hard work, I especially appreciate your eye for minimalistic design and giving logging apps a much-needed 2021 refresh (away from the Windows7 look most of them have)

I just bought the Android app in hope to support your efforts to create the BEST logging app out there.


Wheeewww that’s a good list. I like it. Some of these are in the works. Some I hadn’t thought of. Thank you for writing this up! I’ll get tickets made.

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I used the map feature for the first time yesterday and with all the labels my map looked like a map of boxed callsigns (I had 103QSOs). I loaded into QSOMAP and just went with the polylines and no tags - this made the map look a lot better. Would be a cool feature to have the option of turning the callsigns on or off for the map display - I loaded both map images for reference. THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT APP


@W6CMS Easy! Great suggestion. Maybe don’t get so many QSOs next time :wink:

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HAHAHA - I got 40QSOs so quick, I wanted to push to get ‘100’… for no other reason then getting over 100 at one activation. :crazy_face:

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How’s this?


How are you guys getting the lines? my QSO’s show up but there are no lines towards my QTH . Maybe I missed something during setup?

That is perfect, exactly right

For reference, this is what I see on my end, the lines from my QTH to the contact are missing. Is there a way to turn them on? thanks

Are you certain that there is a grid square listed for your “My Grid” box in that logbook?

As long as you have entered your gridsquare on the POTA form it will show. I’d imagine this isn’t a POTA logbook, or your gridsquare wasn’t entered.

Editing gridsquares on qsos in coming in the next release.

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Thank! but this is a General Log (Not Pota) and could not find a way to input my GRID there (only the other station). Also noticed when editing a log under the General preset it features the Park Number fields instead of the QTH/Grid of the other station

Another thing I noticed (not map related) is that when the UTC time crosses over 00:01 the date stays the same (on the prior day) making the log inconsistent. I don’t know if this is a bug or just a quirk on my Android App.

Thanks again!

Jarrett, I like the toggle!

Also recommend using smaller markers to identify the contacts’ locations. Those can get pretty crowded, too.

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