Feature Request for a Config File

Everytime I use HAMRS I have to change a number of options. I like to sort by frequency, prefer only CW, and want the display in table format rather than cards. It would be nice if there was a config file on my computer that would read my preferences when I open the APP. Might something like this be possible for a future update?
Frank W2XYZ

I completely agree. I always sort by frequency. When I click on a CW spot the RST stays 59 and I have to change it. Then when I click on a SSB spot it stays 599 and I have to change it again. My other programs make the change automatically but I still use HAMRS.
One other thing on my wish list is controlling my K3. When I click on a spot most other logging programs change the rig frequency.
I guess I am getting lazy with technology!

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