Feedback on use for SOTA


I recently did two SOTA activations with HAMRS and overall, I’m impressed. It’s a clean app with great features and an intuitive UI.

After using the app, I took note of any bugs I found and included some ‘nice to have’ features:

  1. BUG - If you edit the frequency field for a saved record, it doesn’t automatically update the band. (i.e. - If you change a saved record that has 14.045mhz to 7.030mhz, the band remains 20m).

  2. FEATURE REQUEST - The summit field doesn’t auto-format. If I punch in “W6SC369”, it doesn’t recognize the summit until I include the “/” and “-”. Would be nice to either auto-format it to “W6/SC-369” or turn the field red so that the user knows it’s incomplete. The SOTA ADIF importer requires the full summit ref with “/” and “-”, so without it, the ADI export feature doesn’t work. (I think…)

  3. FEATURE REQUEST - The pop up banners for callsign info (name, location) and summit are super useful, but tend to stack up over one another while typing in the callsign field. This often results in blocking certain fields from being accessed unless you “x” them out or wait for them to go away. They also pop up further up the page and outside of the field of view when editing fields at the bottom of the form. I would reconsider how and when these banners show up to make the user experience a little bit better. I had two instances during a difficult QSO where pop ups accumulated and blocked the RST fields. Another time, I missed reading the name of the person because the info pop up appeared above the field of view (I think I was editing a field further below).

Anyway, I thought I’d give my two cents directly from the field.

Keep up the amazing work! I absolutely love the rapid development this app is going through!


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Sorry, I see this was auto-closed during my vacation.

  1. The editing frequency not updating band bug will be fixed in this next version
  2. I attempted auto-formatting with summits, but will need more time - the Summit references are a bit more complex than the simple XX-XXXX of POTA fields. It’s in the works though!
  3. You can turn them off, but would it make sense to provide users a setting to set where they show up (bottom-right for example) and for how long?