Field Day Log Calamity

Export of adif field day log didn’t go well at all. Had to run the export through ADIF master and make a series of corrections.
Then loaded the fixed up adif into N3FJP Field Day logging program. At that point I was finally able to create the DUPE SHEET for uploading to the ARRL!

I am not faulting HAMRS Field Day logging, it’s still new. AND the POTA logging is AWESOME!

73 de ke2yk

What changes did you have to make? I’ve seen ADIF master balk at using “20” or “40” instead of “20m” or “40m.” This is when I have gone in and made changes manually to an entry as I had moved to a different band and forgot to make the change in the HAMRS logging screen and hand typed it in the edit window.

The band info was wrong / missing in many entries.

A handful of blank lines had to be deleted.

Cleaned up missing grid info.

Removed QRZ lookup info too since I wanted to load clean entries into my every day logging program. N3FJP ACL LOG

For the hell of it, I Wanted to try an adif to cabrillo conversion program but it only generated header info, not the actual log data.

Ended up importing the cleaned up adif from adif master to n3fjp field day program to create dup sheet to finally pass up to the ARRL.

73 de Ke2yk

I imported the ADIF into ADIF Master, cleaned it up (missing band info), found and deleted more dupes after adding the bands, and saved it as a .csv.

I then imported the .csv into Excel and created a sorted alpha listing by band and mode. That is what I plan to submit to ARRL.

I want to fix these while it’s still fresh in my mind. The errors I encountered were:

  • Band not persisting
  • Dupes - because the band was not persisted, you had to edit the QSO to see a dupe badge

Hi. Bands for FD should be 20M, 40M etc. according to adif master software.
Had blank lines also.
Love the app for pota and appreciate all your awesome work thanks 73 de ke2yk

Other field day log issues:

  • Close the log and reopen it → my fields are all cleared (section, class, etc.). They should persist.
  • Press the Clear button, and it clears everything, including my own information (same as above). These fields should persist.
  • Dupes really need to be flagged (pop-up notification) before saving the QSO. Otherwise it’s too hard to visually scan through potentially hundreds of QSOs to determine if I worked the other station already.
  • While not a bug, a nice enhancement would be to allow exporting a sorted alpha roster, dupe sheet, or Cabrillo file ready to send to ARRL

All spot on points. Those enhancements would make fd logger actually useful.