Field Day Log not carrying over "Band" to next qso

This may be only me, but when I tested the field day log… I made a few test qsos. I entered in the info, frequency and mode (ssb) hit save and it saved all the details and the frequency and mode carried over to the next qso, entered in call sign, class and section and then hit save… but it didnt put “band” in the log it carried frequency over but not the band. The frequency and mode are still retained for the next qso.

I don’t know, it seems to be working for me on PC right now. (These are just test QSO’s)

Are you on a different OS?

I agree, frequency carries over, but not band. I am on version 10.7 on an iPad, iOS 14.6 I also did a dummy FD log test, just in case!

@Dewayt @K6WDE I just tried it as a test on my iPad, too. You are correct–it doesn’t populate the band field unless you change the frequency.

Looks like I’ll be doing some editing of my log with ADIF Master after field day to fill in the blanks. Opening each and every QSO from within HAMRS to add the band would take too long.

Although a little clunky, you could tab into the frequency field and remove/reinsert one number to force it to populate the band. But this will likely slow you down during a pileup.

KZ3L and Dewayt, it is easy to do the edit in ADIF Master, so I’m not worried.

I hope the missing logs issue has been fixed in 10.7. I may do paper log as backup and I never do paper. I am a N1MM+ guy, but this FD today, I am K6WDE/KL7 portable QRP in Alaska, Seward to be exact.

Hope to hear folks from my tiny station on the beachfront!


I had the same problem on Field Day, and was running Hamrs 0.10.7 Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8"

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