Field Day thoughts/suggestions/requests

REALLY happy to see Field Day supported! Some thoughts/suggestions:

  • Can lookups be disabled? Not really necessary during Field Day, and may not have internet access. A preference to toggle this on/off?
  • Loggers typically let you use space bar (as well as tab key) to advance through fields. Possible?
  • Loggers typically don’t allow you to save an entry that is missing required fields (in this case, call + class + section + freq + mode). Please disallow “Save” until those fields have valid data
  • Echoing request for dupe checks at time of moving insertion point to class field, rather than flagging as a dupe after entry
  • FD Rule 6.5 "All non-CW digital contacts are equivalent” – for the FD template, could/should modes be simply collapsed into three (Phone, CW, and Digital)?

Jeff N0̸MII

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This is the kind of stuff I’m looking for! Thank you for the write up! These all sound very reasonable and doable, except the the space bar to advance, I’ll have to consider that one.

Thanks! A couple more:

  • Validity checking of section field: need to test for section abbreviations, and disallow saving until corrected
  • Validity checking of class field: need to test for digit(s) [1…22] followed by [A…F], and disallow saving until valid
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