Field validation - Band and My Grid Square

The current band field allows entry of a format that doesn’t align with the ADIF spec, and it appears some POTA logs are being rejected as a result. Autopopulating works fine since it includes the unit of measure (e.g. 20m), but if a user edits this the “m” can be removed and the log will be treated as invalid. Recommend validating entry into this field to ensure the ‘m’ is always added, and only integers plus the m can be added.

A minor issue: Grid square is usually represented by two capital letters, followed by two numbers, then two lower case letters. This works properly in the main log entry screen, but when editing a QSO the trailing letters are incorrectly changed to caps.

Real-word example of why this is important: Someone in the Facebook POTA group entered his frequencies in kHz (e.g. 14235) and manually populated the band as ‘20’ instead of ‘20m’.

Of course, the log was rejected. This frustrates the submitter and the regional coordinators, who deal with these types of errors a lot. Validation of ALL required fields is important to avoid this type of thing.

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