Filter OUT digital modes

It would be great if I could filter out digital modes from my list of activations on the “POTA Spots” tab view. Or display ONLY the modes I want to use during an activation (like only display cw and ssb spots listed in the view). Currently I can only view one preferred mode at a time or all modes. It would be nice to never have to see digital modes unless I choose to use them in the future (not likely).

As a CW op I think it might be a good idea to enhance filtering of spots. But please keep the CW only filter in place. I am 100% CW during my activations and also as a hunter 72 de KE2YK

To be clear…I am not including cw (my personal preference) when asking for a way to filter out “digital” modes. While cw is technically a digital mode, I’m referring to wanting a way to eliminate FT8, FT4, etc from my view. For me it would be great to see just cw and ssb and never have to see FT8, etc as it is unlikely I will ever use these modes.

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