Fire Tablet 0.11.5 Now Seems Up To Speed


I was having enormous lagging delays entering QSOs on my Fire Tablet.

Decided to try clearing out my HAMRS logs. I took 57 logs down to fewer than ten. There were more than 1500 QSOs in those logs.

Now it seems to be working the way it should. No lag at all entering keystrokes from the bluetooth keyboard. And about 5 seconds for the QSO to appear in the “Entries” list, but even then I can still enter data for the next QSO. If HAMRS is doing lookups on each entry the next QSO entry does not seem to be affected.

Looks as if HAMRS operating speed is inversely proportional to the number of saved logs/QSO–at least on FT. Wonder if somehow HAMRS is running through all the saved data before it enters new data?

Best I recall, this started to be a problem when I accumulated more than 40 logs.

Anyway, from now on, I’ll be keeping my total logs less than 20.

I’m off to check it during an activation this afternoon. I’ll post an update afterward.

Just back from an activation with my Fire Tablet.

HAMRS worked perfectly. There were no delays of keystroke entry. Boxes could be navigated and filled as quickly as I was able. The QSO went into “Entries” in about 3 seconds and always included the appropriate state lookup as soon as the listing appeared. There was no delay to start entering the next QSO while waiting the previous QSO to be processed.

The solution for me was to reduce the number of logs by deleting most of the ones I’d saved there, from 56 to fewer than 10.

HAMRS is back.

Man, thanks a ton for the write up. Super helpful. Still not great, though something is up. This should not be an issue but I’m glad you found a correlation

I had a issue with lag back in August with an activation. I know that there were at least 100 qso’s in the one log. I had an activation in Sept. and decide to have 3 separate logs ready for that park. I was at this state park for a week and knew that I would have way more than 100 qso’s. That seemed to help. When I got somewhere between 50 to 75 qso’s logged, I went to the next logbook and continued on. Just put them together to send in to POTA.

FWIW, now that I’ve been watching it more closely, I also notice the beginning of a lag at around 50 logged QSOs. Although I did get just above 100 and it was still usable, the lag was becoming more apparent.