Fire Tablet Experience w/ HAMRS

Observations and questions for HAMRS Fire Tablet users.

Should I expect my Fire Tablet (HD 8, version 10) to run HAMERS (version 0.11.4) more slowly as my number of recorded logs increases? I’ve got 50 some logs with probably 1500-1800 total QSO entries. These are backed up at another location. Should I delete these logs?

I am seeing HAMRS take 5-10 seconds to transfer QSO data from the entry fields to the “Entries” section. Occasionally it takes even longer---- 80-90 seconds, actually timed on my watch, but this decreased to 5-10 seconds after a reboot. I also turned off the “Lookup” and “Alert” features, thinking that HAMRS may be trying to complete the lookup before transferring the entered data. (I use my phone as a mobile hotspot and there’s usually only 1-2 bars at my activation locations.)

After hitting the green Enter button, the entry boxes will clear, but any new data inserted into the entry field boxes will be erased when the previous QSO data transfers to the QSO list.

Also, it can also take 10-15 seconds to transfer from one of the Entries-Map-Spots pages to another. Is this due to my FT’s slow processor speed or is this pretty typical in the field?

Do QSO entries slow down when the working log grows to be a long one? Say–100 QSOs? 200 QSOs?

Part of what I’m seeing may be the fault of my hardware. I’m using a bluetooth keyboard/protective case. Sometimes keystrokes can take several seconds to enter into the data boxes. And that can be true for touchscreen entry too.

So, I’m wondering if other FT users are seeing these issues as well.

I just ordered the FT HD 8 inch, should have it by the weekend and will test.

This is definitely not expected, no. 0.11.6 should be available in the Amazon store now. There were a couple of enhancements that should should help speed it up a bit. I also bought another $44 HD8 that’ll be here on Saturday that I’ll try to fill up with logs and see if I can replicate.