Fixing log when working in another country

Hi all,
I worked today as kb2gcg/ve3. POTA support notes that my callsign remains kb2gcg while the Station_callsign should be kb2gcg/ve3. Is there somewhere to config station_callsign or am I stuck fixing it after the fact?

In my app, when I hit the top-right “hamburger menu”, and then tap “Profile” all of my different call signs are there as profiles, and I can add more by tapping “Manage Profiles”

Normally, the STATION_CALLSIGN entry is used in conjunction with the OPERATOR entry in the case of club activations where you may have multiple operators all using the same call. In the right side of the HAMRS entry screen, you will see a box labeled “Club Call”. (You may have to scroll down, depending on your device.) Putting a call in that box creates the STATION_CALLSIGN entry. Even though you are not a club operation, you may put your KB2GCG/VE3 call in the Club Call box and that will give you the desired STATION_CALLSIGN entries in your log.


Michael WA7SKG

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